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Visionary Gateway

Lets Make it happen together!

From our Courses to our Quran Academy, Life Coaching and Muslim Counselling We have something for everyone!.

Visionary Gateway

This is where your visions turn into reality...

We Offer a wide range of services for everyone, here take a look!

The Golden Quran Academy

We work with various Hifdh Schools and online Institutes, ensuring you and your Family learn the Quran the way the prophet (saw) taught it.

Certified and Accredited Courses

Explore our wide range of certified and accredited Courses presented by experienced Instructors.

Muslim Counselling & Life Coaching

Our Muslim Counselling services paired with expert Counsellors are a unique way of self-development and Growth.

Dawah and Charity

We believe that givers are better! That's why we work with many established organisations to make the world a better place.

Go check out our YouTube Channel!

We upload free courses, talks, seminars and educational series to educate and better the world!

Browse Some of Our Latest Courses!

From gaining Memory Invincibility to becoming a leader of the next generation and even enhancing your spirituality by understanding the Key to Tranquillity and Connecting with Nature.

Or maybe you want to Find Your Voice and master the art of public speaking, fix family relationships or learn new languages and develop an empathetic understanding by studying Comparative Religion.

Here at Visionary Gateway our team of expert Instructors, Authors and established individuals make sure there's something for everyone! 

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Visionary Gateway

The Golden Quran Academy

Introducing Ijazah Learning Online!

For the first time ever our students can learn recitation and memorisation while receiving an Ijazah and Isnaad.

What is an Ijaazah/Isnaad? An Ijaazah is the license or authorization that permits its holder to transmit (teach) that text or subject. It can only be received by someone who already possesses that authority and is only given after certain regulations and assessments.

An Isnaad is a list of authorities (Sahabah/Taabii etc) who have transmitted the Quran all the way back to the prophet Muhammad (Saw).

This ensures the student memorises and is reciting with perfect Tajweed and Pronunciation from the beginning and saves weeks or even months and years of revision after the student successfully receives their Ijaazah/Sanad.

- Go To The Golden Quran Academy -

Visionary Gateway


Visionary Gateway's TheUmmah is a powerful tool (powered by Spaces) which allows you to engage with Members, Instrcutors and Speakers of TheUmmah.

You can discuss in private safe forums and engage with members in your courses, share your progress, inspire others, read blogs and even be awarded medallions!

Who do we work with?

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